Ice but no ice fishing with camp coffee in the forecast

IMG_1587The weatherman predicted rain with snow and sleet possible but he couldn’t rule out freezing rain. If you were south of the line rain was most likely. North of the line a mix with some accumulation possible . . . and on like that.

It’s a tricky business, forecasting the winter weather; especially in a slice of the country where the temp can be 15 one day and 50 two days later, or vice versa. But this time the weatherman was right on all counts: Rain, snow, sleet and a topping of freezing rain.

I just hope the blueberry bushes survive.

And then amid the weather gloom and doom this little goodie arrived – a Javamill Coffee Grinder www.gsioutdoors.comIMG_1590Were there not a half inch of ice on the ground I’d pitch camp, build a nifty fire, and make a cup of freshly ground coffee.