Legal Studies and Work Assignments

My daughter Rebecca returned to law school today and I came with her. Not to attend classes, of course, and not because she is incapable of traveling to Lexington by herself. That would be silly. I have a work assignment nearby tomorrow. Rebecca tells me that she’s glad that I came and I’m glad that she is.

I’m visiting a public area tomorrow to shoot some photos but generally to take a look around and gather some information for a magazine article I’ve agreed to do. I’m co-authoring the story with the editor. Duel authored stories oft times feel clumsy and forced but that will not be the case this time. This public recreation area/park is a work in progress. It hems a creek that can be a decent fishery but the recent rains likely will have it running high and stained. But maybe not. I brought fishing gear.

Classes begin tomorrow and scattered showers are forecast. I’ll probably be fishing alone.