Dove Opener

Dove season opens today in Kentucky and several other states. Many states offer generous seasons. Kentucky’s dove season is split; extending into early January.

While dove hunting opportunities abound hunting activity will likely peak today. Dove hunting remains as much a social gathering as a hunting activity. While deer hunting is basically a solitary pursuit dove hunters generally like crowds. There’s a practical advantage to this, too. Shooters scattered around a field can keep birds moving. Dove hunting is generally not a high success percentage proposition.

Local opening day shooting hours open at 11 a.m.  I probably won’t be in the field for the official start but I plan to get into some shooting today.

How many birds I will bring home is another question. Doves are challenging targets and can be maddeningly frustrating in their ability to avoid a hail of lead. One of my wildlife biologist friends tells me a mourning dove can hit speeds near 40 mph. They are dizzying in their movements. Misses are common when I’m pulling the trigger.

Each opener my goal remains the same: To drop a limit of doves (15) from one box of shells (25). Maybe this year.