Where I live some of the best late summertime fishing can often be found in farm ponds.

I don’t have a pond on my property but several of my neighbors do and they graciously allow me to fish them; a courtesy for which I am endlessly grateful.

“Farm pond,” of course, can be something of a misnomer. You can build a pond anywhere you have room and drainage for it.

My neighbor Gerald, however, has the real deal. His pond swallows about half an acre, is lined with rock and is clipped, manicured, aerated and loaded with catfish and bluegill. I’m holding out hope that he adds some bass.

The weather of late has been sweltering but a cool breeze blew in on the heels of a late afternoon thunderstorm yesterday so my daughter (that’s her in the photo) and I stopped by the pond; rods in hand, and for about 30 minutes it was one fish after another.

I can think of no more pleasant way to spend the last hour of a summer’s day.