The Fish’s Eye

I don’t like reading and writing about fishing more than I actually like to fish. But I do like it a lot and am delighted when I discover a literary fishing gem.

Found one the other day in Ian Frazier’s “The Fish’s Eye,” subtitled, “Essays About Angling and the Outdoors.” The book was published in 2002 from previously published works.

I am familiar with Frazier’s work from his book “Great Plains” and essays and reports in The New Yorker and Outside, where some of these stories first appeared. I stumbled across “The Fish’s Eye” in my local library.

I’m glad I did. It is simply delightful but in one vein is only something a fisherman could love. Parts of Frazier’s “On the Ausable,” for example, must ring of nonsense to a non angler, who might read this story and think, “This couldn’t possibly be true.” But a fisherman would read it and think, “The same thing happened to me on (name the river).”

I like it so much I ordered a copy from Amazon for my library.