Tarpon – Day 3


My first shot at tarpon was a success. Two days. Two fish (I caught one; my fishing partner the other). We had more chances; shots at fish that ignored our offerings or looked just long enough to  tease. Just seeing, though, would have been enough.

If there’s a next time I may try for a tarpon on a fly, even though my casting skills are mediocre at best. Capt. Paul Hawkins www.flatsguy.com, however, is a specialist at this; with the boat, experience, patience and skill needed to get the job done; although weather conditions are not always agreeable. We were able to fish the fly water (shallow beach areas) for a few hours Wednesday. We saw fish and Bill AuCoin, who, like me, was spinning, caught one that ripped 150 yards of line before making the first of nine jumps. Hawkins had a couple of shots with his fly rod but the fish refused his offering.

It’s a tall order; tarpon on a fly. My experienced and talented fly fishing friends warn me that hooking a one is one of the most difficult chores in fishing – and actually landing one nearly impossible; an exercise in frustration and one best avoided.

Sound advice, to be sure. But should I get another invitation I’m packing a bag – and a fly rod.

Thanks to Bill, Tyson, Paul and the folks at Sunset Vistas www.SunsetVistas.com for all their help.