Camp Cold Departure

The gear is packed, camp is set and your ready to go. Then something unexpected sends you in another direction and instead of lashing on snowshoes and gazing across a frozen lake you’re buckled into a seat gazing down at clouds, which, for me, always seem to turn the world upside down.

Hopefully I can return soon, maybe for some summer camping, fishing and paddling then again when the water turns to ice.

Until then, thanks to Maria Hennessey at SMAK Strategies, Mark, Corin and the folks at Baffin, Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve and all the rest.

# # #

Descending through the clouds the airplane begins to groan, as if it is unsure what to do. Then the wheels lower, grind and lock. No one makes a sound. The surrounding white becomes milky like a tile floor tracked with muddy boots. Snow covered roofs emerge and we land.