Ice Apocalypse

Weather seems to be on the mind of most of the country: Mud slides in California; snow in Kansas City; ice in Kentucky.

Yesterday it was 50 degrees and cloudy. No wind. Good first day of March fishing conditions but, alas, I couldn’t go. Last night the weather forecast was all gloom and doom: Ice (1/2 to 3/4 inch, depending on which TV weatherman you prefer) and snow (1 to 5 inches; same variable). I was hoping it was simply climate prognostication overreach but the woeful forecast is taking shape. The NWS has done its part by issuing an ICE STORM WARNING. At my home we’re experiencing a thunderstorm while the trees are icing and the temperature is falling. More of the same (only colder) is predicted for the next 15 hours or so.

Things will improve. Assuming the ice apocalypse doesn’t encase and consume us, one week from today I’m scheduled to be at Gaston’s on the White River, where the trout fishing is excellent, the food terrific, the hospitality unmatched and the temperature predicted to in the 60s.