The View from Gaston’s

Several of my friends and colleagues are trout fishing on the White River this morning, each under the watchful eye of one of Gaston’s expert fishing guides. A work assignment requires my early departure, otherwise I would be with them.

Gaston’s White River Resort rolls out along a mile of the upper White, not far from Bull Shoals Dam. Current owner Jim Gaston’s father started the place when Eisenhower was in the White House.

Much has changed since then but one thing has not and that’s the friendliness and hospitality extended by the folks here. I had the opportunity to chat with Mr. Gaston for a few minutes last night. A more friendly, welcoming gentleman is not to be found.

The fishing is fantastic but fishing is good at a lot of places. The feeling of being at home is more elusive.

Gaston’s is located near Lakeview, Ark. Visit if you can. The number is (870) 431-5204.