Access to the Sipsey Fork

The Fishing Wire reports today that Alabama Power is considering restricting fishing access to a prime stretch of Sipsey Fork, which is the tailwater of Lewis Smith Lake and affords Alabama its only year-round trout fishery.

Alabama Power controls the dam and is considering limiting access directly below the structure – which also harbors some of the best and most easily accessible trout fishing water.

This news comes from Brandon Jackson, who owns Riverside Fly Shop on the Sipsey. Jackson is asking that anglers contact the power company.

Here, in part, is what Jackson sent to The Fishing Wire:

“We have really enjoyed the benefits from the improvements Alabama Power Company has provided along the Sipsey Fork of the Warrior River. We appreciate the funding and work they have provided to benefit the river. However, as many of you know, Alabama Power is trying to decide if they will now reverse course and prohibit angling from Lewis Smith Dam along the east side of the river (across from the fishing “pier”) from the dam to below the “Tube” a stretch of around 300 yards of river footage. This area is the area that many use to fish when the generators are running. It is also used by families to provide open access so that they can fish together. This area is vital to angling access.

In order to preserve this angling access we must notify Alabama Power that we want to keep the access. PLEASE take the opportunity to make your voice heard and encourage friends to do the same. You can email to , , mgodfrey@southernco.combut please try to send a letter by U.S. mail if possible as this has more impact.”

The postal address is:

Mr. James F. Crew
Manager, Hydro Services
Alabama Power Company
PO Box 2641
Birmingham, AL 35291

# # #

I’ve fished Sipsey Fork and spent a few dollars at Jackson’s fly shop. Time and money were both well spent.