Election Eve

I have answered telephone calls from Barack and Mitt, Kenny and Hal, and others I can’t recall or really wish to. My mailbox has overflowed with fliers and letters hailing the attributes of one candidate while berating the sins of another. The message, whether delivered via TV, radio or print at the national, state or local level has basically been the same: I am committed. I am dedicated. I am honest. My opponent is vermin.

“I’m for family, jobs, hard work and OUR values,” I recall reading on one flier, a heavy stock, four-color sheet, the production/printing/distribution cost of which would have probably paid for at least one badly needed meal in a homeless shelter.

I will fight for YOU, other ads claim. I am for what you are for. I am against what you are against. My opponent is responsible for every ill known to man and his (or her) election will lead to the immediate and irreversible downfall of the  city/county/state/country.


The messages – if that’s the correct term – range from hateful and mean to silly and laughable and in the end, insulting. Americans aren’t stupid. We wish only to be informed. And we will, eventually, sift the wheat from the chaff.

I tried to keep up with the political talk but was eventually overwhelmed by the endless rhetoric that evolved into white noise. Thankfully, the election is finally upon us.

In dealing with the challenges and problems facing the country/state/county/city one party and/or one candidate seem about as bad as the other and both are pretty bad. Still, it’s our system and it’s all we have; the best the world has to offer.

Please vote tomorrow. Perhaps it will keep them quiet for a few minutes.