Trout Fishing 101

Steve Lopez has been working as a trout fishing guide at Gaston’s Resort for about six years. He’s also worked construction.

“I like guiding better,” he says.

Who can blame him. He on the water everyday in one of the prettiest spots in the country on a river loaded with trout.

His customers always catch fish – at least those who fish the way Lopez want them to, do.

Lopez (that’s him in the photo) is a float and bait man. The technique is akin to a base on balls in baseball. It’s not terribly exciting but it is highly effective.

Lopez uses what he calls a “river rig.” Lightweight spinning rig or closed face reel, filled with six pound test monofilament (four pound monofilament leader from sinker to hook). Small bell sinker No. 6 hook. Pink grub. White PowerBait. Rig as a drop sinker trailed with 3-4 foot leader. Thread the grub onto the hook shank and tip with PowerBait. Simple.

“The PowerBait floats,” Lopez explained.

Cast and dead drift with the current. The fish practically hook themselves.

Exciting? Not particularly. Productive? Very.

Tomorrow, if the 30 mph wind quiets somewhat, we’ll switch to a 9-foot, 5-weight. I’ll let you know.