Orvis Good for 25

The Orvis company www.orvis.com offers a deal that almost seems too good to be true. It’s their 25-year rod guarantee. If you break your Orvis fly rod they’ll repair or replace it free for 25 years. No questions asked.

The deal is good regardless of how the rod is damaged. If you snap your rod while fighting a big fish (a fantasy for most of us), slam it in a car door, step on it, etc., just send it in. If you break it they’ll fix or replace it. That’s the deal.

I was skeptical. Then a few weeks ago I snapped the tip from a 5 weight Trident. I called the folks at Orvis and was instructed to send the rod to Vermont.

I never saw my Trident again. But last week I did receive a new 8-foot, 5-weight T3 (case included). I assumed the Trident is no longer available.

I’m a guy who believes service keeps customers coming back. Maybe that’s why Orvis can trace its history to the roots of American fly fishing.