Clemons in Charge and Other News of Moderate Interest

My friend and colleague Alan Clemons was recently named Southern Managing Editor for Deer and Deer Hunting magazine, which means that fine publication is about to get even better. Clemons comes armed with a newspaperman’s timing and a let’s cut through the clutter editorial approach. Readers will enjoy his work.

All eyes in the bass fishing world will be trained on Louisiana this week as the Bassmaster Classic begins Friday on the Red River. The Big Deal will be running out of Shreveport-Bossier City, La. I’m not attending the Classic this year but my friend Jeff Samsel is. Jeff is an excellent writer and probably knows as much about bass fishing as some of the competitors. Follow the action on Jeff’s blog at

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife recently announced that it would begin stocking Floyd’s Fork with trout. This is a creek near the Louisville/Jefferson County metro area and is the centerpiece of an ongoing park project by 21st Century Parks The Fork, as it is known to the locals, will be a “seasonal” trout fishery with stockings in March, April and October. Trout will likely not fare well in The Fork under a broiling Louisville summer sun. Game officials are encouraging catch-and-keep.