PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. – Left Kentucky in a cold rain and was greeted in St. Petersburg by clear skies and 70 degrees. Not a bad swap.

The weatherman says the agreeable conditions should continue for a few days, which will leave little excuse if we come up with an empty sack tomorrow while fishing for reds, snook and sea trout in and around Ft. De Soto Park.

The 1,136-acre park (five small islands, actually) is advertised and promoted locally as a shallow water paradise for fishermen who prefer to work from a canoe/kayak, small shallow draft boat, or wade.

Bill AuCoin and I plan to use a couple of kayaks and prowl the shallows and the mangrove  cover for cruising fish. Bryan Hendricks and Capt. Jason Stock (that’s him in the photo with a winter snook) will be aboard Capt. Stock’s skiff.

The fish could be at risk. Capt. Stock, AuCoin and Hendricks are good fishermen.