Heard from a friend who lives west of St. Louis who said his neighborhood sounded like a shooting range from trees cracking under a coat of ice. I know how he feels. We experienced that a couple of years ago when a blanket of ice not only sheathed the trees but turned off the lights and heat for most of a week. The camp stove and sleeping bag pulled inside duty that week. I was glad to have them.

A local news report said the current Midwestern winter storm could affect 100 million people from Texas to New York and beyond. It was enough to cause the Tulsa World newspaper to miss its first print publication in more than a century. Maybe two feet of snow expected in Chicago; wind-driven waves from Lake Michigan washing over (and freezing) on Lakeshore Drive. Overwhelming even for a city that knows what to do with snow and ice. Wow.

I’m not a weather ninny but I’m glad this one missed us.