Political Talk

Full disclosure: I am registered as an Independent. I’ve voted for Democrats and voted for Republicans and as often as not been disappointed with both parties. Still, I like to view myself as an equal opportunity voter.

Election Day is Tuesday and I for one will be pleased when it has come and gone. I have at once been disgusted, appalled, fascinated and, I’ll shamefully admit, mildly entertained by the covey of political ads spilling from my television and blasting from my radio.

The basic message, regardless of party, seems to be: Vote for me because my opponent is personally responsible for every evil known to man.

He/she will/has/or will be in favor of raising your taxes.

He/she is bad for (YOUR STATE HERE).

He/she is sending jobs overseas.

He/she is driving the state/country toward financial disaster.

Underlying message: He/she is too dumb to pour water from a glass: Bad for you, bad for your family, bad for the state/country, ect., etc.

Meanwhile, in a positive vein, vote for me because I’m for jobs and working families.

It has grown tiresome and were the consequences not so important it all would seem nearly as silly as a second-rate sitcom.

But silly it’s not.

Vote Tuesday. Even if you have to hold your nose while doing it.