My friend Dave Eaton is an educator by profession and a musician by passion, which, in an around about way, explained the gloves.

Eaton and I met recently for a couple of hours of low impact lake kayaking.

I have kayaked some – usually as a vehicle to reach a fishing spot. Eaton was making his first foray in a plastic boat. He arrived with the standard paddling uniform: shorts, t-shirt, sneakers, cap . . . and weight lifters gloves?

“Blisters,” he explained. Eaton is a guitarist. Blisters and guitars don’t mix.

We’d been on the water about 10 minutes when the southern sky began to turn dark with the threatening look of a  late afternoon summer thunderstorm loaded with rain, wind and lightning. I expected a short trip but then the storm off until nearly dark.

We covered a couple of miles, caught a couple of fish and ended with only one blister.