I don’t know how Biblical fishermen Peter and his brother Andrew and their business partners James and John felt about dealing with wind but it probably caused these future apostles as much irritation and frustration as it does today’s anglers.

Capt. Tyson Wallerstein had planned to fish the barrier island shore for cruising tarpon tomorrow morning. But a windy forecast from the weatherman changed his mind and strategy.

We’re heading Tampa Bay instead.

When working on saltwater I’m a stranger in a strange land. I know that tides, wind and a myriad of other factors all affect fish movement. But that’s about all I know. The only problem I have with a place like Tampa Bay and the surrounding waters that spiderweb this slice of the Florida coast is the same problem I have on Reelfoot Lake or Burnt Cabin Lake or the White River – every spot looks fishy.

A good problem to have, I think. And the Bay looks fishy enough to me. We’ll find out tomorrow around sunrise.