Mere Christianity, white bass and other stuff

I’ve been re-reading Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis.

What does this have to do with fly fishing, camping, bass angling, hiking, waterfowling, bird watching, deer hunting, bluegill, trout, carp, catfish, marlin, tuna, fly tying, backpacking, quail hunting, rabbits, squirrels, canoeing, rod building, kayaking, rafting, climbing or anything else remotely related to outdoors?

Well . . . nothing really; or everything, depending on your point of view.

Mere Christianity (which Lewis compiled and edited from a series of radio broadcasts he’d given) is a near perfect book in that it is a dazzling example of a purely logical and nearly flawlessly persuasive argument. Genius, simplified.

I happen to agree with Lewis. But whether or not you agree with his argument (which is difficult to refute, by the way), nearly 50 years after his death and more than 65 years since Mere Christianity first appeared, it remains an astounding work.

I wonder if C. S. was a fisherman? I hope so.

# # #

Stopped by Kentucky Lake recently and found some white bass within casting distance of the shore. The lake was still several feet below summer pool so walking the shoreline was easy. The whites were friendly, as they usually are, hitting a minnow imitating hard bait with regularity.

The bait – a 3 1/2 inch double jointed Magic Swimmer by Sebile – was what I’d actually stopped to try. The Magic Swimmer is a sinking bait that affords excellent wounded minnow action. Try a stop and go retrieve with a twitch.

I was also using the latest spinning reel from Ardent The model S2500 feels like what it is: a well-made piece of fishing equipment. Aluminum frame and 5:1 ratio. Comes with a good warranty and can boost of something few products can these days: being made in the USA.