Kayak Fishing

If the weatherman’s promise holds true (sunny, warm, light breeze) I’m planning to take a kayak Friday afternoon and fish a small lake about 30 minutes from my house.

The 10-acre lake might have been designed for a kayak: plenty of wood, brush and other cover in the shallow end; difficult to reach with a johnboat (the lake is limited to electric motors) but a kayak (or canoe) puts every fishable spot within reach.

Kayaks, by the way, are highly versatile fishing tools. They’re inexpensive (starting at around $300), easy to handle and will float in only a few inches of water. There are two basic designs: sit on top and sit inside (pictured).

A sit on top style boat has an open cockpit (you literally sit on top of the kayak). I find this style generally most convenient for fishing. However, a sit inside boat is faster and handles more easily that a sit on top. You’re generally talking about a personal preference.

I’ll have a review of a couple of kayaks in a later post.

Hopefully, later today I’ll have a fish story.