Tailgate Coffee

Spent about an hour cleaning and re-fueling my single burner Coleman www.coleman.com stove in preparation for next week’s White River trip.

No, we’re not camping, far from it with reservations waiting at the comfortable confines of Gaston’s White River Resort www.gastons.com. The stove is for streamside, tailgate coffee.

The stove and tailgate coffee fixings have been part of my regular fishing gear for several seasons. The recipe is as simple as the idea: 1 1/2 scoops (cir. 3 tablespoons) of ground coffee and water. Heat to a boil. Drink immediately.

My ancient camp/fishing coffee pot finally burned through last year so I was forced to buy a new shiny pot – same 6-cup size but without the seasoned character.

The guts from the old pot were lost years ago. I thought about tossing the new pot’s innards but decided to give the perk system a try. Good. Very good, in fact.

With the little stove on medium heat it hits a boil in about 5 minutes.

The only thing missing was the sound of the creek.