Turkey Time . . . Almost

Turkey season opens Saturday. I was doing some windshield scouting this afternoon.

Road follows a small creek to a low head dam. I know this place. The water spilling over the dam funnels off a little rock ledge onto a gravel spit then flattens into a pool that fills a sharp bend. The spot is about the size of a two-car garage. Usually fluctuates from torrent to trickle. Not today. Just about right. Fishy. IMG_2976

Had a 7-foot 4 weight fly rod in the truck. Weather was sunny and breezy. Cool enough for a jacket. The water temp was barely touching 50 but . . .

Pulled on knee boots and waded onto the tongue of the gravel spit. Two casts. Two bass. Not large but feisty.

Pretty good afternoon of scouting.


Following a  week or so of subfreezing temperatures with single digits the norm and everything that could escape the salt trucks encased in ice the thermometer has climbed above 32F for the past couple of days.

The result, of course, is a welcome warmup.

The other result is that everything within sight of my house has converted from an ice rink to a mud pit. The rain that fell Friday didn’t help.

The 60 degrees forecast for next week should intersect with couple days of planned trout fishing. I welcome the warmup but loathe the mud. Maybe the fish won’t mind.